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Slovenská Grafia is the original name of the company dating from 1921 and is the oldest original printing works in Slovakia. The co-founder and chairman of its board of trustees was Dr. Milan Hodža, the first Slovak prime minister of the government of the first Czechoslovak republic. In 1935, the first colour publication made for Matica slovenská emerged from its printing-machines. In 1936 gravure equipment was installed, and two years later, an offset equipment. The tradition of rotary printing dates back to 1956, when the first gravure printers and offset rotary presses were installed and the production of colour picture magazines started. In 1971, the current factory in Bratislava – Krasňany was built. From 1997, a technology for the preparation of a form in gravure without film was introduced – CTG and from 2002, the same was done for offset – CTP. In 2012, after 55 years, the rotogravure production was finished. The majority share-holder of Slovenská Grafia is the Grafobal Group, the most important Slovak business group working in the area of packaging, printing, distribution and media.

Technological equipment

We have the state-of-the-art equipment in all production stages available, from the order placement by means of and web interface InSite, through the workflow Kodak Prinergy Connect, the state-of-the-art proof on the monitor on each printing press, automatic colour control in the printing presses up to the elements of automation and robot utilisation by the production machines in the printing as well as finishing. For the manufacture of printing moulds, CTP and CTG technology is used, which ensure a top reproduction quality. The immediate hourly capacity of 12 million A4 per hour ranks us among the best printing houses in Europe.

Decisive printing production equipment consists of offset rotary machines KBA Compacta 918 (72 pages of A4 portrait format or 84 pages of landscape smaller magazine format), Lithoman IV (64 pages A4), Lithoman III (48 pages A4), Lithoman III (32 A4 pages), Polyman (16 A4 pages). Rotary machines in Slovenská Grafia offer a high variability of chosen formats and ranges. The printing park is complemented by two sheet offset machines. The top 5-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 105 machine with the possibility of in-line glossing in B1 format and newest 5-colour KBA Rapida 105-5 in B1 format with integrated UV-varnish and speed of 18 000 sheets per hour, aimed at the printing of difficult glossy magazine covers or advertising materials and catalogues.

In the years 2011 and 2012 installed large capacity web offset printing presses Lithoman III (48 pages A4) and Lithoman IV (64 pages A4) from the company manroland AG with a potential capacity of more than 6 Million A4 pages per hour are with its most up-to-date equipment one step ahead not only with its performance, but also with the quality of production and the degree of automation. Both printing presses have high performance parameters and are suitable for printing of magazines and mercantile printed matters in high as well as medium circulations.

The final processing using V1 binding is carried out by three Müller Martini wire-stitchers, which lift up the products, bind them with staples and cut to the chosen format. The product is individually packaged in plastic wrap; an advertising supplement can be stuck to it or inserted, and prepared for despatch in parcels stored on pallets. In 2007 the company put into operation a high technology drum wire stitching machine Ferag UniDrum, which reaches the speed of 30,000 strokes per hour. Soft glued binding is produced on a Kolbus production line, this line belongs to one of the most modern technologies in its category. With its technical equipment, it is unique in the Slovak Republic; it enables the insertion of up to three different items in-between separate sheets as well as on-line pasting of another advertising product. The machine handles 8 000 bindings per hour, where the width of the binding reaches from 2 to 70 mm.

A company focused on customer needs

We know and define the needs of our clients and guarantee high-quality service with high added value. Our aim is to offer complex service to the clients and to fulfil demanding market requirements on quality and professional engagement. In this way, we have gained a firm place in European printing and integrated ourselves in to the strong international community of renowned publishing houses and influential printers, whether through direct customers or through partnerships subcontracting for large Western European printers.

Slovenská Grafia a.s., Pekná cesta 6, 834 03 Bratislava
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