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Slovenská Grafia, a.s. - Postpress


Finishing processing

Three Mueller Martini wire stitching machines and one gatherer stitcher from Swiss producer Ferag ensure the finishing process by wire stitch binding and the advanced Kolbus line by adhesive binding. The printing house also provides special services, including mailing services, attachment and insertion of supplements and objects, foil wrapping, etc.

Stitch binding

For the production of printed matter with wire-stitching we have three wire-stitching machines from the company Müller Martini and a drum wire-stitching machine from the company Ferag, which guarantee high quality of the processing of products by maintaining of the high speed of production.

Ferag UniDrum
Müller Martini Primera E140
Müller Martini Prima Plus
Müller Martini Prima S

Perfect binding – glued

The most modern line for glued perfect binding of the Kolbus Company is, with its technical equipment, unique in the Slovak Republik. This line enables inserting of three divers advertising products between separate sheets as well as on-line pasting-in or gluing of a further advertising product.

Kolbus KM 600.C ZU 832.C

Specific processing and mailing services

Mailingline Sitma 950
CMC Smart Mailer
Buhrs 3000 Compact SYSTEM

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